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Hey, yeah I have like at least 6 of them berried from what I can see (saw like 4 CRS and 2 CBS berried), possibly more . No babies sighted yet though, but I am definitely preparing for them.

First I thought I had only 1 CRS berried but then I saw 2 CRS berried and realized they were switching with each other in the spotlight lol (so that was an awesome surprise). Then I saw a bunch more berries when I was checking on what I thought were the only 2 berried shrimp for hatched/dropped the eggs (at this point I was having a mini celebration inside).

Been feeding MosuraBioplus every 3 days (Sundays & Wednesdays) so the babies will definitely have something to feed on. and Saturdays is food for adults.

Right now I'm trying to "fix" my TDS and gH so it is down to 5 gH and ~175 TDS. It is at 185 TDS and 6gH as of today. Going to be doing 10% RO WCs until I hit that spot I really want.

Going to be doing WCs every 2 weeks with the week in-between for RO top off once this issue is fixed.

Hopefully all goes well and I get to see shrimplets (: !!
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