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Wendy when you do go to buy your generator make a list of some the points listed so far. Like how to drain & refill with oil and how to run the carburetor dry.

Then have them show you at Home Depot or where every you end up buying your generator.

Off topic:
I'm on my 4the lawn mower in 30years. I bought one of the new Electric Mowers with rechargeable battery. Simple plug it in overnight. I have a double lot. I get two full cutting of the whole property per charge and I do part of the vacant lot behind my house that is near my Dog kennel run. (20x100'.)

What I like the best is how quiet the motor is, it sounds like a ceiling fan on high. I can cut the grass at 6am in the summer and not wake up the neighborhood. It's much lighter than the gas mower was too.
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