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Originally Posted by ShyShrimpDoc View Post
Ottis aren't much for thread type algaes. The SAEs love the stuff. Yeah, they get a bit big for a 20 and they get big fast. I have 3 in a 30. As for belligerent... I don't know. I have them in with threadfin rainbows and glass catfish. You would think there would be an issue with the threads if they were bad. Only thing I have ever seen is a large chunk of my grandpa glass cat's tail missing. I have noted he no longer hangs out in the cave with the SAEs. I have my suspicions but no proof. They do an amazing job on the plants though. Maybe a little too good. I think they have stripped every leaf from my hydrocotle. The nerites that breed in salt water reportedly have a serious thing for algae, and don't eat plants (or breed in fresh water), hence the mention of them as an option.

UV makes a good adjunct, but a poor primary treatment for existing algae. It will help prevent it, and prevent the spread. It's good for green water, but by itself it won't get rid of this.
All of that algae is gone now. I'm back to green spot algae on the glass and plants as well as thick almost black algae covering my DHG and the edges of my wisteria. The green spot algae has completely choked out one of my really nice plants too. I've started using DIY CO2 and I've noticed the green spot receding a bit on some of my alternanthera reineckii though, so maybe it's starting to get better and just being slow about it?

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