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Originally Posted by chibikaie View Post
Hot dang that's a lot of filtration! If the tank isn't overstocked, it doesn't need all that, does it?
you know what, at first i thought it was overkill and i was just squandering mu $$$. but i truly have a ridiculous bioload (to the point that it might piss people off as they may think i'm being irresponsible) but i've realized its worth it and i made the right desicion.

in a fish only system and with africans they make goldfish look totally constipated...cuz man do they poop a lot!

i do 30% wc weekly and use the ole gravel vac for poop piles... AND i still have to replace the floss on my quikfliter and AC110 every other week. (and i do not overfeed) my levels have been solid since the start.

pH 7.9-8.0
Ammonia 0
Nitrite 0
Nitrate <1

and for those of you who understand africans and how big some get, i have plans for a much larger tank in the future and plan to move them when its time. fish first!

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