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Using Dry Fertilizers

I was looking for some advice on using dry fertilizers. Currently my tank set-up is a 29 gallon, 96w T5, and pressurized co2 with about 1-2 bps. Currently im just using flourish comp, K, and Iron, but it's not enough and I'm not seeing the results I would like to from my plants yet. But, my problem isn't following the EI method because I understand how it works and think it looks pretty easy. My problem is feeding my 8 African Dwarf frogs. I usually feed them at the least every other day and sometimes everyday depending upon how full their bellies look.

And to feed them, it requires me using food that usually dirties up the water, and has to sit on the bottom for awhile so they can scavenge for it. This cause me to have to do frequent water changes, almost every time after i feed them, therefore not allowing me to follow the EI method of doing a 50% water change at the end of the week. Usually when I do the water change to clean out the food, I take about 6 gallons out of my tank. I was thinking i could probably set up my feeding routine to do water changes every 2 days, possibly allowing me to does micro and macro on the separate days and then doing a small water change to reset the nutrient levels. If anybody has any advice on any methods that could work for sporadic water changes or a water change every couple of days I would really appreciate it. Thanks
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