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Originally Posted by wendyjo View Post
Yeah gas storage is gonna be a big issue that I'm still trying to figure out. Thanks for the info it was very helpful.
There are enzyme based fuel stabilizers that can keep gas fresh for up to 2 years. The most important thing to do when shutting off a generator is to RUN THE CARB DRY. turn off the fuel valve at the tank and let the generator stall. if fuel is left in the carb for an extended perod of time it will gum up and clog your carb. Old fuel+clogged carb=no start. Even if stabilizer is used you should run it dry. The best way o hook these up are to the panel, then just turn off your main breaker so as not to backfeed into the grid. Natural gas or propane(providing you have a large enough tank on the property is the best way to go but can get pricey.
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