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Originally Posted by hfernelius19 View Post
it is low-tech. I use a wide spectrum fluorescent light. My two filters are a penguin 150 biowheel and a aqueon 20 quiet-flow. I fert with florin multi planted supplement using 3 drops a day.
1 Flame Gourami
2 serpae tetras
3 lemon tetras
3 cardinal tetras
2 bleeding heart tetras
1 BN pleco
2 cory cats
4 amano shrimp
1 Cyprus plant
1 moneywort
2 anachris
2 pennywort
It is a work in progress and still have a lot to do aquascaping
this is my first tank hope you like it. Suggestions are welcome

1:Anacharis to the back.
2:return either the lemons or the serapes (I'd return the serpaes, they're kinda mean IMO)
2a:boost your Lemon school up to 6-8ish
3: I wouldn't keep both cardinals and bleeding hearts. Return the bleeding hearts and boost the cardinals to 6-8ish
4: figure out what type of Cory cats you have and boost their colony to 5-6.

Every fish you have multiples of is a schooling / shoaling fish. If you keep them mismatched they'll never show you their true colors.

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