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Originally Posted by Diana View Post
It did not sound like it, but if these were leaves that had been grown emersed and you just now put them under water then the plant will have to grow new leaves that are better adapted to growing under water, and it will lose the leaves that are adapted to growing above the water in the air.

That sort of all over holes looks more like something eating it. Could the leaves be weak, and even the gentle rasping from the Otos be doing this? Could the SAE be bothering this plant?
These fish are generally plant safe, but if the plant is already weakened (poor light, for example) then any action by the fish, such as eating algae, can damage the leaves.

Always grown submerged (years old) but never in this shady part.

But the fish eating already weakened plants certainly addup.

Hopefully problem solved with my remedy I posted above.

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