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Originally Posted by talontsiawd View Post
It's ironic because I was looking at your journal right before I started my hardscape.

This is my personal opinion on filling it. Do it when you feel like it. HC grows more quickly submersed to begin with. I like to dry start to get it rooted as it's a pain to plant but I have yet to let a tank totally fill in. I actually like seeing it fill in underwater myself.

I would up your CO2 at first and have a 5-6 hour photoperiod to avoid algae. It takes time for HC to transition to immersed so you almost want to treat a dry start tank as though it has no plants. Then extend the photoperiod and dial down the CO2.
haha, that is a trip that you were checking my journal before you started, good stuff!

thank you for the pointers on the submersed state. like you mentioned, i really just wanted to get everything rooted, and then fill. my stand should be coming this monday or tuesday, same with my co2 needle valve, asa valve, etc....then it is fill time!

i noticed on my old 11.4g that after i filled it, the hc seemed to take off and thrive much more than it did when it was dry starting. right now my photo period is 12hrs, so i hope it doesn't trip out after i fill it, crank the co2, and reduce the light to a 5-6 hour photo period.

thanks again, and i will be watching this thread for updates!
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