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Here's a quick pic of my hardware in action:

I had some issues with some weird melt in this tank. I have lost all my Staurogyne sp "Tropica", Ludwigia Glandulosa, Limnophila aromatica "Red" and Rotala sp "Green".

I also had some major issues with the Rotala indica aswell, i believe it was grown emersed and melted when i planted it. Although I left it for a week after it melted and it sprouted new shoots - I have since removed these (1cm long) and replanted them away from the rot. Here they are 3 days after being replanted:

My UG is struggling also, i think that may be a lighting issue (Ill get to that in a moment). I also lots 80% of my Hemianthus micranthemoides. Im also getting patches of BGA. I have treated it with H2O2, so hopefully that will slow it down.

I receieved my ATI 6x39w Dimmable unit and cade light stands last week. The light stands attached really well and everything was hung in 1/2 an hour. I left the light unit covered in plastic warp until the globes arrived 3 days later. This is where all the problems started...
I ordered the following globes:
3 Giesemann Midday 39w globes 6000k
2 Giesemann Aquaflora 39w globes 5700 K
1 ATI Purple Plus 39w globe.

I received the following:
1 Giesemann Midday 39w globes 6000k
3 Giesemann Aquaflora 39w globes 5700 K
1 KZ New Generation 39w globe 14000k
2 KZ Fiji Purple 39w globe.

Well to say the least I was confused... I contacted the supplier and he's going to send me the CORRECT order this week. I unwrapped the unit and removed the 0.5mm acrylic cover over the reflectors and i was horrified. The reflectors were dented and bent in several places.

Not impressed in the slightest. I put the globes into the ATI unit - they weren't the right spectrum, but i just wanted to see if the damned thing even worked. I switched the unit on and turned both channels to 100%. 2 globes lit up, 2 globes flickered and 2 did nothing. Great so the whole unit doesn't work, even after hours of moving the globes around. So once again, I contacted the supplier and hes going to arrange a replacement.

(note the colour of the globes - also wrong!)

Ok so, moving on.
Ive had some fairly good plant growth and everything is colouring up. i did a big trim, didn't cut everything as low as i should have but i didn't want to risk any more melt.

My Rotala sp Colorata is growing like crazy and is colouring up really well. Persicaria sp. 'Porto Velho is growing really quickly and producing better quality further up the stem, so i pulled them up, removed the older, lower stem and replanted. I also did this with Tonina fluviatilis. Ludwigia sp Cuba is developing a rich yellow leaf with a orange center, really nice and hygrophila pinnatifida is sending our runners.

3 weeks FTS - Everything is still very messy but its growing. Ill need to shuffle some plants soon.
Note how purple the light is, hopefully when my new globes arrive, the tank will look less purple (marine)!

I finally have my lily pipe at the right depth and its got some nice whirlpool action going on. Its also a good indicator of when i need to clean my filter.

Im having a bit of trouble with deficiencies/overdosing in the plants. So i have cut all channels in my auto doser and am only dosing KNO3, glut, and trace (additional iron as well) until i can figure out the problem.
hygrophila pinnatifida has small brown spots/holes plus yellowing in the old leaves and the new growth looks stunted and curly. Im guessing trace deficiency or mg over dose. I doubt it is co2 as everything is pearling like crazy.
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