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Generator questions

So I am planning to get a gas generator soon. I've never used one before or have even seen on in use personally. I have figured that I need about a 3000 watt genny, NOT taking into consideration start up surges, so I am going to get around 6000 watts to be on the safe side.

So I understand they have a certain number of outlets depending on the model, and then I plug extension cords into it and run them into the house. Now, from that point can I then plug surge protectors into the extension cords and plug MORE surge protectors into those, and then individual appliances into those? I am mainly thinking fish stuff, since I have 4 tanks in different areas of the house and each tank has it's own surge protector with light, filter and heater plugged into it.

So to sum up I would like to:

1) run heavy duty extension cords from genny to house
2) Plug 1 surge protector into each extension cord
3) Plug multiple surge protectors into the surge protectors in #2 above
4) Plug individual small appliances into the surge protectors in #3 above

Is this how it's done or am I gonna start a fire?

I am also wondering where I'll put this thing when in use. I have no deck or patio or driveway or anywhere out of the elements, yet what I've read says not to use them in rain or snow. But that's when the power goes out. I have a covered dog house I could put it in, but that seems lame.
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