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Tank rim is almost off, I have been doing it very slowly as to not destroy the tank lol, I did put a few little scratches in the top of the glass as I cut through the rim, but its nothing I think I should be concerned about.
Hopefully the rim will be on and curing by weekends end.

There is a very big road project going on in the area, in which they are adding two lanes to a highway, and re-aligning a major road. So the land they are moving the road through had some very old dead deciduous trees so I stopped by and grabbed a few branches. I am pretty sure they are a safe hardwood, no odor except when submerged, where they smell like other hardwoods I have had the opportunity to smell lol I might run back and grab a few more for some variety and hope to get something going. I have sort of given up on the smaller tree stump, and have changed directions. We will see how it turns out lol

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