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And I've been looking for Limnophila aquatica high and low, and even posted a WTB for it couple of months ago. Sooo... look where it appears...

So, now the question is: how do I get my little sticky hands on some stems?!? Do I now have to beg Amanda for her trimmings or try to strong-arm Sethjohnson30 into a trade?!?! You both are now on my radar

Tank is getting along. I would remove the air stone in a day or so, don't see much need for it now. Use it again for several days when you introduce your Diamonds.

I'm still hauling buckets during my WCs: builds characters, big biceps, but kills my back. If I ever get to build another house, I'll have to remember to plumb it right: who needs a sink in the kitchen? I need a water-line and a drain in EVERY room
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