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13 Stones-Now Defunct, PT2 link up top

This journal is now defunct...Please follow the link for PT 2

Most Recent Pics:


I have done a few journals here over the years. I stopped because I was bouncing around a lot, my recording studio was at my parent's house, I lived at my GF's apartment more often than not, couldn't keep things going the way I wanted. I just bought my first home, super happy, living with my GF, and hopefully will have time for both her, and my 2000 hobbies, lol.

Enter 13 stones. I am no Igwami expert. I love the style, to a point, but I also love mountain scapes. I really just love rocks with plants. I used 13 stones as 13 is my lucky number, it also breaks down to 4, a very grounding number. I did my best to make what I wanted, with limited stone. Don't get me wrong, I have 100lbs of this, it just doesn't have the same character as expensive Japanese stone.

My goal of this tank is to have something that looks nice and is interesting. My girlfriend may a requirement that it has to look good 100% of the time. I have done that before, but never with CO2. I have had plenty of lush non-co2 tanks. I have had lush CO2 injected tanks as well but every CO2 injected tank I have had in the last 3 years only gets about 48 hours per week of viewing, much less maintenance.

This will be my first "high tech" tank that I really have time to deal with in a long time. I really hope it works.

Standard 20 Long (top de-rimmed)
Eheim 2215 w 2217 impeller
Aquaticlife T5HO fixture (24x4) ((overkill))
Petco stand
Coralife UV Sterilizer
Fountain pump autodoser
Heater (if need be)
20lb CO2 tank (will be swapped out to a 5lb if I can fit everything under the stand)
Beverage regulator w/ Fabco needle valve
GLA inline diffuser

Thinking just HC for now

Initial picture (not all that interesting)

I would love any advice on arrangement. Not sure how fast I can get HC.

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