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Originally Posted by mistergreen View Post
On a side topic.. How is this keeping date and time?
In a standalone app (not plugged into the computer), is it better to use an external clock like the DS1307 real time clock?

I remember the internal arduno time keeping drifts a bit and need periodic syncing.
It runs on the cycle of the processor with isn't 100% accurate?
If it is based on the Jarduino, then a DS1307 is probably used (that is what I am using as well for my own side project).

I assume that ultimately, you will want to use the controller as a standalone unit and not have it connected to a computer anyway, so a RTC would be required.

The Arduino has a way to keep track of time (the millis() function) but it resets everytime the unit loses power (i.e. it only keeps track of how long the unit has been powered on). It's not really useful for keeping time, especially if you lose power, but it can be useful to avoid using delays in code.


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