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Originally Posted by plantbrain View Post
Well, generally, if you have hair algae, a minor annoyance= likely fairly good conditions for plants, but you should know what you did wrong/correct.

This will reduce the labor and the time to get rid of the annoyance.
So that has some real value with this type of algae.

Root causes always should be addressed since good plant growth is what we are ultimately after.
100% Agreed!

After a 3 day treatment at regular dosage. I just started the second round of a 3 day treatment at regular dosage...

Spirogyra. Its dead but now I suspect I have the name of this one wrong

BBA. It looks like its on the downhill slide, but Excel will kill this stuff in 3 days.

Hair algae on Mini Rose Moss is untouched.

Blanket Clado looking slightly weaker(or wishful thinking)

Clado in Subwassertang holding strong.

I didnt put up the pics of the rest of the mosses that I shot the first round because they werent affected by the treatment at all. If one should start to show distress, ill post it up. Its nice to know some of these more delicate mosses arent affected by it. I was sure they would be. At least somewhat
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