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I just bought the same light and I found that they included the wrong bulb in the fixture. The freshwater version of the Solarmax HE Double T5lighting was supposed to have a 10,000K bulb and a 6,700 K bulb. The box says 10,000K and 6,700 K but the bulbs say different. I just got my light Wednesday so I am trying to get the company to send me the right bulb. You may want to look into it and see if you were supposed to get a 6,700K bulb too. I ordered mine from Kens Fish as well. I have left a message with them but have not heard back yet. You can change the bulbs in this fixture you just need to buy a T5NO bulb and instructions were included in the bag witht he metal feet things.

Also I measured PAR in my 20 Gallon High tank with glass cover (with the 10,000K and Actinic 3 bulb) and I would say the light is medium-low at the substrate. I found par measurements to be around 30-40 micro mol photons per m2 per s at the bottom and up to 120 at the surface right under the lamp. From what I read on this forum this would be med light at the substrate level.
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