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I wouldn't put in the dwarf sag, too similar to the vals right behind them. I would spread out or get more of the crypts. They are tiny now but probably grow to be about 6" tall, don't think they are parva. Your idea of a path sounds very nice. You could then get a pot of parva to go in front of the wood and Anubias. If your dwarf sag stays small the place the crypts are could be planted with sags.

The swords are going to completely take over half the tank, the vals will thicken up then spread everywhere. The Bacopa grows very straight for me so can be cut and replanted to make quite a symmetrical bush. So in time you may have to relocate the wisteria and you will need to keep the val runners cut out.

I really like the idea of the crypts growing from near the sword plants and along behind the wood. The wood with Anubias looks very nice I sure wouldn't want it to get completely lost in the jungle.
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