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Could use some assistance with a 2.5 shimp tank

Finally time to set up a tank. Going to be picking up an aqueon 2.5 gallon for my bookshelf tomorrow.

This is my first endeavor into planted aquariums so I'm a little overwhelmed. (so many plant names to remember!)
My goal is for green simplicity with a colony of shrimp.

Filter: Tom's internal filter 45 gph
Light: Not sure (thinking an 16" under cabinet florescent tube, ones i see range from 8-15 watts)
Substrate: Seachem Flourite black
hardscape is undecided (unless i come across a nice piece of wood in the next few days)
If anyone has any suggestions for different equipment than listed above would be great. (specially a light under ~$30)

Ok so here’s the part that I could really use assistance with:
Setting up the scape, Being a small tank going in a book case i want to try and keep it open and as spacious feeling as possible. I have been browsing TPT for months now and have some idea what I want, but actually making it happen and work with plants is another story.
If i go the route of flat stones i would place them on an inclined area to the right side of the tank.
If I can find a piece of driftwood that resembles a small tree (unlikely as it hasn't happened yet in my local fish stores) I want an open foreground with a moss covered tree to one side.

Also any tips on setting up with Flourite? Root tabs etc?

The most important part! PLANTS
Fissidens Fontanus
Dwarf Hairgrass
maybe Pogostemon Helferi
I like the look of blyxa japonica
Problem is my mental database of flora is limited so im having a hard time picturing a finished product.

Any recommendations on flora would be awesome. Being new to this, easy to care for plants are the goal. I will be attempting DIY C02 for this tank.
Goal is to make this a low budget, low tech experiment tank before setting up a high tech 5 gallon (that is currently still occupied by frogs)
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