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Here's my thoughts on the whole situation

As for beth's suggestion to use excel to add the carbon, be careful with excel, some plants do not play nicely with it (such as vals) and will melt within a period of one or two days, I made that mistake a few weeks ago and the plants still haven't recovered fully, if you are going to dose excel I would def do some research here and see if it would melt any of your specific plants. I know I have used it with the cabomba and some mosses and some java fern and been alright, however it melted vals like a hot knife through butter.

As for a pressurized setup with that 10 gallon tank I would look into a paintball setup. There are many members here who sell them or you can do a DIY very easily if you don't mind the higher maintenance of that type of setup.

As for the glass lids, I can tell you from personal experience that I don't use them, I however live in Florida where for 3/4 the year I keep my apartment at 78-80 all day (which keeps the tank temps a bit warm) but coupled with high light and the glass it creates a greenhouse effect on the tank, I tried them and watched tank temps shoot up steadily to the point where I knew I would not be able to effectively use them without a chilling option so that was the end of those for me.

As for the ferting that is a teweaking game. I was using liquid ferts in a tank with mediumish light and no co2 and following the instructions and had a lot of algae, I've since lowered the dosing considerably (in fact only 1ml about every 10 days) and have still seen ok growth with no/little algae which the inhabitants keep in check. However the tank is mostly root feeders with only a small amount of moss. In my big tank I fert to the instructions and do AOK it's all a balancing act (and man does it feel good when you get it)

I've seen people go to walmart and grab those clip on desk lamps and use those for the CFL bulbs on the under 20 tanks with a lot of success, I however can't personally vouch for them (as I've never used them)

To be honest I still have some small instances of algae in my tanks, however 99% of this grows on the rocks only in the tank and makes the tank look more natural (at least to my liking + it provides some food for the bristlenoses, snails, and shrimp which all keep it in amazing check)

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