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Agree about the too much light for the situation. Try an 8 hour day and try floaters or window screen to shade the tank.

Disagree about the fertilizing. Try feeding more not less. Bright tanks mean the plants need more nutrients, not less and if one is low then the plants cannot take up the others but algae can scavenge tinier amounts of that super low nutrient and take advantage of the struggling plants. As well as increasing the carbon in the tank the plants likely need more NPK+micros.

Do your best to get the nuisance algae out of the tank by wiping off surfaces, twirling long stuff on a brush or stick, pulling it out by hand, picking out damaged leaves. I am sure my algae crew do a lot to keep things looking clean in my tank but they wouldn't make much of a dent in an algae filled tank as much nuisance algae isn't very tasty but probably is eaten when very young as part of the biofilm.

I had a successful 10 gallon tank lit with 2 23 watt screw in compact fluorescent bulbs. Used the same fertilizer as in the big tank, just once a week and Excel for carbon. That tank was home to a betta and the betta's original 2.5 gallon hex had been infested with BGA and hair algae for a while so it is very possible to come out of the mess with a beautiful tank. And it is very satisfying to be able to do so.
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