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I am going to try and chime in here, please ignore me if you wish...I'm new here, and have absolutely no cred.

If you want to manage that tank, you have to manage your light. It can be hard to tell how much light you have, but the hair algae (particularly black) is an indication that you have high light and not enough CO2. You can approach this in two ways:
1. add CO2 injection. This will bring balance because you will have enough co2 for the plants to grow efficiently, thus reducing nutrients that the algae needs to grow. You can also add flourish excel, but you have to do it every day and it may (?) be harmful to some fish.

2. reduce the light. This can be done by introducing some floating plants that are pretty dense. This is what I'm doing, as I had crazy BBA. I am introducing salvinia and water sprite to the top of my 55. It has been helping, although the surface movement in the tank's a little high. I've had to baffle my HOB filter.

So you have some options. Some are cheap, some are not, but algae sucks. Also, I see some diatoms in your tank...this seems pretty normal if your tank is newish. Id' also recommend upping your water changes to 2x/week if you haven't already.

Good luck!

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