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Originally Posted by Koi Kameon View Post
why I am suddenly getting ads for cars and Master Cards on here instead of just frogs and aquarium stuff...Hmmm And they must be random, bc I have not looked up cars or credit cards on the internet in my life. Can't they keep the ads planted aquarium owners-specific? Would have no problem with those. Oh, after I posted this I got one for M & Ms. Really? I have pay as you go wireless since I live in a rural area and don't like my money being taken up by ads that have nothing to do with aquariums. Ask Amano to chip in for some ads. He can definitely afford it.
Hey Koi,

The advertising at the top of the forum is always geared towards the community. It's actually a place for community members to advertise products and services that would benefit the plantedtank and its members. You will only see advertising pertaining to this hobby up there.

The advertising on the bottom of the forum is selected using various equations, of which one is your browsing history. Other examples are the time of the day you get on (for example, you might see coffee advertisements during the early morning).

As you can see, the ads are very small and we try to make it so that it is not obstructing you from the forum

Hope that explains it,

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