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Originally Posted by drewsuf82 View Post
While I'm no expert someone is going to ask:

1. How long is your photoperiod now ? You said it was 10 hours so have you modified it?

It is now 8 hours.

2. Are you currently using any type of co2 or liquid carbon?


3. How high are your lights from the surface?

They sit on top of a glass cover, so, less than an inch. I have no mechanism to raise the CFLs, unfortunately. I'm trying to think one up.

4. How often are you dosing ferts? Are you just dosing liquid or are your root based plants also getting root supplements?

I am dosing Seachem Flourish Comprehensive liquid two times a week at the rate of 4 eyedropper drops per dose, and the plants seem to be growing again. I have Seachem tabs in the substrate, but I think they're both micros.

From what I'm reading so far my gut is telling me over-ferting and not enough co2 for the amount of light in the tank.
There was a fert overdose for several months, then I did 7 50% water changes, 2 per week. I'm guessing that the water changes were before the algae.

The lighting is clearly too much, although another member tells me he uses 2 13 w bulbs and has no problems. Thanks!

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