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Originally Posted by OVT View Post
Hey, the plants don't look too shabby. Phew

The tank has come a long way. Part of the fun is to try different combinations until it hits you -> "Yeah, that's my baby". My free advise is to keep the Turkey out of the tank -> he'll eat all the plants.

The dark spots on the Java Fern is its normal make-up. It must be a female plant.

Okay...that is what I was thinking because of the pattern. Perfect! Now I just need to find a spot for it to call home Where oh where....

The tank has made a complete makeover in a short amount of time. I think the Kuhli loaches love it. Hopefully that's why they have been playing like toddlers all day swimming this way and that. One of them was even swimming about when I was decorating with the Montana Lake rocks LOL! One of the larger ones that had been in hiding is stuffed full of green eggs. Ugh...I don't want youngsters! No way! She is huge though! Poor thing can't even swim right...oh do I feel her pain. LOL! Been there done that stuffed turkey gut

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My Ever-Evolving Tank
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