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Originally Posted by KenRC51 View Post
How does that ikea coffee table works? I have one too but its not for my tank. I'm just afraid that if I do use it, it will not support the weight and might warp the wood (reconstruction wood).
Yes it's particle board, but it's completely solid. I ran my 20g long SW tank with 75 lbs of live rock, moved it a couple of times in 2 years without any issues of warping. The table is surprisingly strong.

Originally Posted by dougolasjr View Post
I like the tank and pics especially of the ehim.
Originally Posted by thefisherman View Post
i admire the simplicity of the scape. your minimal selection of plants and choice in fauna; you present a wonderful scale and depth that is deceptive of the true size of the tank, great job!

- thefisherman
Originally Posted by iadubber View Post
X2, that's what I went with on my current 20g long. Something overly simple, yet looks very beautiful.
Thanks guys!

Trimmed the tank again about a week ago. The algae problem is slowly going away and the HC carpet has made a complete comeback. That being said the tank looks completely different in a week from what you see in these pics. I'll see if I can snap some tomorrow. It's due for another trim as well.

I still need to buy a real heater as you can see. Also need to run new CO2 lines as they're too short with the diffuser on the other side.

And for giggles my 12g after its rescape.

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