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Originally Posted by chad320 View Post
Well so far, as you guys said, the mosses seem to be taking it well. The Spiro, BBA, GDA/GSA, and hair algae seem to be taking it rough already. I really didnt expect this stuff to kill Blanket Clado. I am going to wait the recommended 3 days, then im going to nuke the crap out of the mosses and Clado and see what it takes to kill them. Any suggestions on a starting overdose amount? Tom says he spot treated, then refilled the tank and the moss didnt die so im guessing it will take alot. 5X the recommended amout to start?
Cladophora is relatively easy if you can get at it, but if it's infested the moss, you might as well treat it like a Riccia infestation............pick pick pick.
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