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Originally Posted by Hbomb View Post
Just wanted to know what are some expensive fish that would be good for a freshwater aquarium? I saw a few at my lfs and just wanted to know prices, looks and sizes of any freshwater fish. Thanks!
Just out of curiosity, why are you asking ?
Do you want to stock a tank with the most unique, or rarest fish, even though they may be the most expensive ?

You'll note that several responders have mentioned discus. They are most certainly one of the most expensive freshwater fish you can get.

And you wanted to know prices and sizes, well, here's some, for discus:
- Small, young 1" to 2" discus (which can be quite difficult to keep and raise successfully) usually cost $10. to $20.
- Juveniles of 3" to 4" are normally in the range of $35. and up, to as much as $100., depending on the strain. Average price would be around $65.
- Near adults, or adults, of 5" or more, can run from $80. up to $200. approx., again depending on the strain, color & patterning selected.
- A proven mated pair can sell for as much as $500. or so.

You want to know what they look like ? There are literally dozens of different strains, colorations and patterns, almost all of them quite beautiful, in most people's eyes anyway. Simply googling discus images will produce numerous pics.
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