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Day 25ish?

Still seeing nice crawling by the HC and the DHG is responding well to the recent trimming. I'm thinking of flooding the tank next week. Today I picked up an eheim 2213 and plumbed it all, (can see the stock pipes on left side). I am using one of those SS Mesh Pre-Filters on the intake instead of the standard green one. I don't have any plans at the moment to do glass lily's, I might take a stab at som DIY acrylic ones though. I also added 3 layers of window screen between my bulbs and splash-guard in my light to tame it, it really did make a difference! Last night I picked up a 20oz paintball tank and am waiting for my ASA Valve/NeedleValve/O-Ring/Diffuser kit to messed that up, should be back in my office on Monday, and it should be there. Once I get that all set up I'll fill the tank, I was going to try to do a two month dry start, but I'm too impatient, and a well respected fellow TPT'er encouraged me to fill it sooner than later. Forgot to mention I also rotated the rock on the back right, I feel like this flows better with the rest of the scape.

iPhone 4 pic...
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