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Originally Posted by Hoppy View Post
Now that I use only low light, with DIY CO2, this list is much more interesting to me. I have been using it to decide what to try next

Unfortunately, the list was started when watts per gallon was believed to characterize "low light" tanks. Now we know that isn't true. One watt per gallon of LED light can be very high light if the light sits on the tank, or very low light it hangs high above the tank. Two watts per gallon of good quality T5HO lights can be very high light if it sits on top of the tank, and way too high light if the tank is a low tank, like a 20L. But, it can be low light if the light is 24 inches above the top of the tank. Etc.

I suspect that people have success with "high light" plants when they use 2 watts per gallon of T5 lighting, sitting on the tank, because they actually have hight light. And, that is why some say HC can be grown with low light - they have 2 watts per gallon of T5 light, which is really high light.

I wish we could redo this list using PAR ranges to define low light - 20-30 micromols of PAR at the substrate level. It would be extremely useful to me if we did.
Agreed completely. I think with all the new information on what classifies low light high light and any thing has changed. I do believe we need a far better list that can be more detailed on what is possible for each set of light level primarily the lower end of the spectrum. Many new hobbyists fail because the rush into everything without the knowledge of what to do and give up right then in there. That is in part why I wanted a list is to give people hope there is always something out there to grow no matter your budget or equipment. I think as a community we can come together and put together a list that everyone can agree upon and be able to use as a resource for experienced and inexperienced hobbyist alike.
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