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i really dig the undergravel jets, wish i saw this before i started building have you had this sucker filled and running yet? i am kind of curious to know what kind of flow you get from the vertical pipe in the left rear. seems like after you pinch off all the extra jets on the bottom, it might have more pressure than you are looking for.

actually, i like the rocks, sorry Jonny. once you have a couple inches of substrate in there, they won't look as big and bulky.

any thoughts on how to cover up that jet in the right front corner? unfortunately, i think if you use the rock method like the left front, it is going to look too symmetrical.

what is your projected water level? i'm thinking if you have this about half full, after substrate, you may be looking at only about 12-13 gallons, which may be a bit light for all the fish planned.

are you looking for a. nana petite? if you are in no rush, i can send you some nice petites and some bolbitis in the spring. the bolbitis is just starting to take off and i have some crazy amounts of petitie growing in my 75. some are almost as big as my actually, depends on if i can get my hand on a heat pack from one of my local guys. if i can, i'll send you some up as soon as i can trim out the bolbitis.

btw...i wish i had a science teacher as cool as you when i was in school....LOL
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