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Red face Healing Therapy; Conditioning Therapy?

So my DG (Dwarf Gourami) got a white patch on the sides of his body. In response, I added a couple table spoons of salt (aquarium salt) and raised the water temp to 78. The sides of the fish appear to be healing. The white stuff is disappearing, and surprisingly, I've got a huge giant nest in my tank now, complete with leaves and baby java ferns.... Oh yeah, the fish I'm trying to cure is the horny one, not his arch enemy, the other male DG..... and boundaries are being respected.... So weird.

HAS THIS HAPPENED TO YOU? I got to put up with another week of warm water temps before I lower the overall tank temp to 76F.

I have but did not use formalin or malachite green for two reasons. My tank is heavily planted and I've got a host of inverts ghost shrimp and a mystery snail.

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