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Originally Posted by hydrophyte View Post
If you want to make a West African-themed riparium setup then Bolbitis heudelotii and Anubias spp. would be two of the best choices for emersed aquatics, but these will both do best if you keep them in high humidity. For these plants it would be preferable to use a tall tank with a lowered water level and lid on top to keep it moist inside.
Thanks hydrophyte. I've aquired several different species of Anubias at this point, but would like to come up with some of the A. nano. I also have to find some B. heudelotii. I could do a lid, but tall isn't an option for this tank due to where it is located.

Originally Posted by schoolzoo View Post
Neat idea - I'll be watching this one to see how it comes together.
Thanks, we will see what happens.
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