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White cloudy water is rarely the driftwood. Maybe related, maybe not.

1) The beginning of green water algae. It does not look very green right away. If you have white floss in your filter you might see it as green. Within a few days it will turn green.

2) Heterotrophic bacteria. These are good bacteria, just not the nitrifying species. They are eating organic matter in the water. This is where MAYBE they are related to the driftwood. But since you boiled it, I assume you also rinsed it well, so there should not be enough stuff coming off the wood to feed these bacteria. Maybe. A water change and substrate vacuum might help.

3) Somebody dropped something in the tank. Cheerios, Jell-O, all sorts of stuff can end up in the tank. Water change, vacuum the bottom, clean the filter.

4) Ammonia rising. Often shows as bubbles that do not pop as easily, too. I would sure monitor the ammonia and be ready to do a water change.

5) Adding minerals to change the pH. Sometimes the water company changes what they add to the water, and even through you have not added pH altering materials you get this effect when you do a water change. Are the pH, GH and KH the same as always?
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