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Originally Posted by HunterX View Post
Thanks for the reply. I concur that its harder to get the O2 to dissolve into the water. I don't intend to do the standard air stone in the tank method. Do u not think bubbling the air into a Rex style reactor would increase the amount of air O2 dissolved into the water? It seams logical that you would get a higher rate of diffusion than a standard air stone in the water method.
You'd probably get better oxygenation using an air stone in the tank than pumping air into a reactor. An air stone adds O2 by breaking the surface tension of the water which increases the rate of gas exchange at the surface. Since you have a larger surface area in the tank than the reactor you would do better by just using an airstone in the tank. The stone in the tank also will increase circulation somewhat, moving more oxygenated water throughout the tank and bringing less oxygenated water to the surface.

Aside from a wet dry filter, adding a powerhead or a prop type pump like a Koralia would probably be more effective, or at least more aesthetically pleasing, than an air stone. You might also think about connecting a surface skimmer to your filter. Surface skimming can be very affective in aiding oxygenation also.
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