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Originally Posted by lbacha View Post
Just so everyone knows I have gone both routes and have had success when it comes to misters the DIY is a low pressure setup that works well but usually requires a pump in the setup to do and it is a larger spray (not really a mist) the setups from places like mistking use a high pressure pump and produce a very fine mist, it all comes down to price but the basic package with one mister for a mistking is $99 so not terribly bad if you are misting a large area the. It goes up as you add more nozzles. One thing I have learned about DIY is that what seems cheaper in the beginning a lot of times ends up being just as expensive when you are done.

Yup, there are affordable misters out there. But for this tank, i didn't want the fine mist. I wanted actual "rain" in an effort to mimic seasons and breeding. Now the clay dart tank i have plans for, that will have a misting system. And i could have run an external reservoir for the pump, but i wanted a self-contained system. You know as well as anyone that with numerous tanks, we need to find efficient maintenance routines.
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