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I hope your right but I think they should be OK, I just looked and my last death in the tank was 7-18-12 so all is well and my only worry is no kH.

pH 6.8
kH 1
gH 6
69 to 72 degrees, there is no heater in this tank.

Also it's a low tech tank so there is no nitrites, ammonia, or nitrates. I did read at one site that TT's are prone to bacterial infections and need a well established tank with a mature colony of beneficial bacteria but the will adapt to most water parameters if acclimated slowly. So my problem may have been the tank was just too young, but now I have about 40 Cherry shrimp and the tank has been up since 12-6-11 so it should support a dozen TT's. The only other problem is most sites claim TT's need a kH of 3 to 6 and my RO/DI unit strips out any kH but I hate adding in too much junk beyond the gH booster.
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