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Originally Posted by freph View Post
HC is looking gooooooood. I'll post mine from the 20g and Mini in another week or so just to bug you with growth rate

Any plans to let it grow down the topmost rock and give it a weeping effect?
Thanks man! Sure, I want to see it! Lol

Not really, as the rocks are already blending in -- I want the HC to sort of frame the rocks rather than partially cover them, if that makes sense.

Originally Posted by bluestems View Post
Ok thanks for the info. I'm on my iPhone so it's harder to go back to find it in your journal. I think finding the right balance of lighting and ferts is the most challenging part of a nano setup. Looks like you've found a good balance

Do you have any fish? I see the cherries!
No problem. You're most definitely correct here. A key aspect to this issue is plant density and choice of plants. I was having algae issues before I added the blyxa and rotala to the tank -- these plants are much better at utilizing excess ferts than just HC and Eriocaulon species on their own. Since the addition of these plants, algae has curbed to essentially nothing.

No, I need to get some, I know! Yeah, the PFR are really nice but I'm getting ready to sell some and get some fish too.

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