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My four month olds are what im calling blues, they have blue feet, with orange markings, and thier shells are a greyish blue, though that might change, since they are so young.
The babies are 1 week- two weeks old, and they all seem to be blues, but its rather hard to tell.
The four month olds may well be browns that havent gotten all thier colors yet...They are my first batch of apple babies, and actually had to remove the sack from the glass, [i was switching tanks] and didnt really know what to do with it after, so i made a contraption out of a terracotta pot, a tupperware and a nylon..crude, but it worked, though i got way less babies than the smaller sacks that were left in the glass.
Im not even sure how to ship the babies, but if i can figure it out, how big are your tanks? would you want the four month olds or the babies?

I dont know if your apples have markings on theier bodies [not thier shells] but heres a site that shows them close up..Mine have markings almost identical only hey are a brighter orange.

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