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First off, let me start this portion of the thread by saying I DO NOT advocate the use of this stuff. I have been keeping planted tanks for two decades and have never owned a bottle of this stuff. For multiple good reasons with the biggest being good tanks dont need it. At all. Period. But the porpose of using it is this. I was hit by a truck this Summer on my bicycle. that left me unable to get down the stairs to maintain my moss collection. There are 22 kinds of moss, tied to 3 foot dowel rods. Its alot of moss. My reservior tub ran dry, burned up my $130 pump, and my moss collection got hair algae so bad you almost couldnt tell what moss was what. Some of them I only salvaged a small golfball of. This product is my final attemp at recouping some of my losses. I didnt need this stuff before, and I wont need it after, but this is just too much algae to pick by hand or Amano. That being said, heres what were looking at...
The main ingredient in this stuff is Poly[oxyethylene(dimethylimino)ethelyne(dimeethylimino) ethylene dichloride]
Go ahead and say it twice to make sure you got it, ok?
It say to use 1ml per 10g. Thats a pretty small amout and it sure seems like one drop could OD the whole thing but whatever the directions say is what I did. I used established tank water in a new 10g to mix it. I then added it to seperate specimen containers to see what, if any, moss/liverworts its going to melt. It say to repet the dose every three days until the algae is under control. Here are the test specimens...





Mini Rose moss with bad hair algae





Spirogyra algae

Blue Green algae

Blanket Clado

Mini Pellia



Queen moss


Who has all of these algaes hanging around the house??? I do! I will be sending samples to Sewingalot for proper IDs through a microscope, but im pretty sure of the IDs for now. I will correct anything that might be wrong if she proves me wrong(as usual) So this is day one. I will repeat the treatment every three days until i want my kitchen table back
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