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ok, here are the behind the scenes pics of my rain system. first off, let me say that this sucker works off of a pond pump. no need for a high dollar, high pressure pump. also, this system uses a LOT less pressure than a mister. but also, you don't get as fine of a mist. the pump for it is hidden inside the false bottom, along with the heater and submersible filter. i can access it all through the chimney on the left side. the pump feeds 1/2" i.d. vinyl tubing. it gets split into a Y connector so that i could vary origination points of my "vines". installation is simple. you get yourself this fancy installation tool

punch it into the tubing to make a hole

insert the 1/4" self sealing fitting

these are some of the fittings i am using.they are 360 degree spray nozzles. i will have them at the ends of my vines, pointing down like a regular sprinkler head. i forgot to get 180 degree ones, i'll pick them up this weekend.

that's pretty much it. i told you it was simple. now, i have yet to test THIS setup, but i did find that 5 fitting was enough to prevent pressure buildup, which was wreaking havoc on the pump. more fittings, less pressure, happier pump. of course, more fittings will also reduce the spray pattern.

oh, i also started covering the great stuff with titebond/peat moss tonight because i am writing a step by step tutorial on this tank for another forum. i only did enough to show how it's done tonight. i'll try to finish the covering over the next few days.

hope you enjoy, until next time. Hope everyone has a nice, happy, safe Thanksgiving!!
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