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My Treatment

So I did it! With Fenbendazole aka Panacur C. Brought the yellow box(three 1GM packs). Followed the below directions.

TOTALLY DID NOT remove the carbon and purigen during the first dose. Nothing seemed to happen. So I removed the carbon and purigen. Then dosed again after 12 hours of the 1st. I just kept dosing every 12 hours until I was out of the solution(1 bag (1g) with 100 mL of drinking water mix). Then 12 hours after the last dose. I put the carbon and purigen back in. Did a 10% water change. Looks like it didn't work. BUT.....
12 hours after the water change. NO MORE HYDRAS!!! YAY!

Note to self no more overfeeding!!!

Oh and only 1 dead shrimp :-) Babies still alive and well.

By Triet Do, USC School of Pharmacy
Having hydra and planaria in your shrimp tank is both insightful and potentially harmful to shrimplets. I have seen a huge hydra literally attack and kill one of my baby Crystal Red Shrimps. After searching for a cure I have found and tried Fenbendazole (Safe-Guard) successfully. It’s safe for shrimps, snails, fish and plants.


1) Purchase the cheapest Fenbendazole product (available at Petsmart)

2) Mix 1 bag (1g) with 100 mL of drinking water. Shake VIGORIOUSLY! There will always be undissolved Fenbendazole settling on the bottom. The point of shaking is to make a saturated solution of Fenbendazole.
3) You will need to save the solution in a bottle for future treatment.


1) DOSE is 0.1 g/10 gallons every 12 hours (prefer at night).
2) Use a SYRINGE to draw 10 mL of the solution (contain 0.1 g) and inject to your 10-gallon tank. If you have a 20-gallon tank, draw 20 mL of solution and so on.

3) Dose every 12 hours until all hydra and planaria are gone. Usually after 3 doses.
4) Do a 25% water change if you feel necessary. I don’t normally do that but my shrimps are still healthy and breed fast.

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