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Thanks so much for the advice! I have already started seeing plant growth! So i think the lighting is just right. But my lace java ferns aren't doing so well. I think I will be taking those out of the lighten area and into some shade because half of it is in light and browning and the other half is in shade and green. LOL. So far everything seems good. I am receiving contradicting advice on when to put fish and shrimp in. Some say wait a few days and you're good to go. Others say wait till the cycle finishes.

I have enjoyed the flourite! I think next I will try a black version of it if they have it. I wasn't sure what to use because there are so many options but luckily my friend bought the flourite and gave it to me!

There are snails in the tank fromt he plants. and I think they are leaving poop on my plants. I can see these particle on my anubias and swords and have no clue what it is.

Anyone know how to plant baby tears?
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