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Originally Posted by Drewsplantednutz View Post
Ph in tank is about 7.2, GH 6-7, KH 2-3, TDS 380. All a little high for crs.
My tap is 7.8, GH 5-6, KH 2-3, TDS 220.
i cant seem to get the KH and TDS down. I dont want to do an RO system but was thinking of getting the tap water filter. If I do that would I just mix like half tap with half filtered or whatever will get my levels down?
A tap water filter is not going to change TDS or pH to the degree that you want. As hoppy stated in my post about my under sink filter, for that to happen you need a slow moving filtration system like what is found in RO systems. An idea to get around RO may be to use a Brita pitcher filter as they use gravity and the weight of the water to push water through the filter and into the pitcher.

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