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Originally Posted by Hoppy View Post
Here is where a drop checker will be extremely useful. I doubt that you get enough CO2 with that to gas the fish in that size tank. If you have a drop checker, set up correctly, and you are only getting blue green indicator solution, you can be sure you are not gassing the fish, so you will have the courage to increase the amount of CO2 you are adding, possibly by using a more efficient diffuser type. When I first started with CO2 I thought I was gassing my fish, too, but I wasn't anywhere near doing so, as I learned later.
And as in drop checker do you mean an extra bottle filled with water where the hose from the bottle is submerged under the water then the tubing that goes into the tank goes into the top of the bottle and not all the way inato the water? because i have that setup running, i have heard that some of the Alcohol (i think its alcohol) from the actual mixture that is created will get into the tank if you dont have that setup

Also sorry for the long explanations, i just dont want to do it wrong, ive got wayyyyy to much money invested in the tanks livestock to take large risks

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