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Originally Posted by bitFUUL View Post
How's the tank going? It's been a while since you've updated.
it should be almost done cycling. i haven't tested the water in a few days. also i re-arranged the stones and broke some larger pieces that i have into smaller ones. i had purchased 10 lbs of stones.. which is a lot for a tank this small. so i have plenty of stones to play around with.

im going to re-arrange the stones again because im not too happy with them. i did get a shipment of fissdens in yesterday that im using as 'carpet' for part of the tank. they are on 2x2 pieces of mesh. it'll look better once it grows out. still deciding on the shrimp though. not sure if i should ucse RCS from my 55G or get entirely different shrimp. looking for something colorful/hardy.

Originally Posted by andrewss View Post
a few broken up smaller pieces of the ohko might look good but really its not bad at all as is
thanks! i broke some of the stones (i have 10lbs of various size stones) and am working on re-arranging them.
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