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Originally Posted by ChadRamsey View Post
i thought/read the same thing about UG not liking Nitrates until Tom Barr debunked it.

Ferts for UG

I have read that UG doesnt like DSM as well.

I bought $100 worth of UG that i was told was grown emersed. I planted it DSM, within a week i had lost over 1/2 of it to melting. I flooded my tank and the melting slowed and eventually stopped.

Hopefully yours is just adjusting to the flood like mine did
Mine did well in DSM. It was a pretty thick mat so yesterday I did a WC and trimmed it so the light penetrates the roots or the inside leaf.

Originally Posted by somewhatshocked View Post
UG grows well for me and I've got a ton of N in my tap. Also add a bunch with EI dosing.

The only thing that's ever caused it to melt for me is an abrupt temperature change (extreme - something like going from 55F to 82F in a short period of time) and lighting.

Are you positive it's getting enough lighting from root to tip? When a patch is so thick that light can't penetrate to the base of the plant, it needs to be thinned and replanted.

Is it getting enough flow? UG does best for me when it's constantly moving with flowing water.

I'd ditch the Excel, only do one water change per week and start dosing regularly. That'll lend stability to the tank. As long as you're making sure there's enough flow and lighting, it'll likely turn around for you.
I was questioning the light to root so i did a trim. I replanted the triming in a tray in my backyeard DSM just incase all these UG melt I still have more to work with, hehehe

I think my water flow is really good. It moves the co2 bubbles from one side of the tank to the other side. I have a Ehiem 2217 in my 20L. If that is not enough I can always buy the Hydor 240 nano for more flow.

My other thoughts on why it was melting was because of the Excel. I know that Excel can melt some plants.

Tom Barr said that he dosed NO3 and KNO3. I have them both in dry form, how much do I add tomy 20L?

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