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Originally Posted by Fishies_in_Philly View Post
Oooohhhh....a west african tank? Sounds very cool. Dwarf cichlids? I use a reptiflo 250 pump for 90% of the water features i make. I get them for $7 at an aquarium outlet store around here. Only 80gph and about a 14" head height, but effective nonetheless. And i have used eggcrate, pvc and the tank as structure for my water features. Hope that helps
River cichlids; I've already got the paired Kribs, a school of Congo tetras, and a small school of synodontis catfish. I'm working on incorperating a canister filter to drive the return, which will be PVC pipe with various outlets below the substrate, and I'd like to make one of those outlets a small waterfall. I'm leaning towards a riparium type tank, but I'm working with a 30 breeder, so height is pretty limited. Since I want to add some African butterfly cichlids (not sure as that may be too much of a bioload), I'm trying to figure all that out with a screen cover.
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