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I've been an Under-Employed American Statistic for 18mos. I can completely understand your situation right about now. I think it's important to have some type of Hobby as an escape from the Stress.

For me the Dogs & the Aqua-Hobby stayed, although I've greatly downsized the Aquariums. I sadly lost a dog to Cancer a few weeks ago and for now, my other dog will the only dog in my home vs. the usual pack of 2-3 dogs I've had over the years.

Over the last 18mos. I've sold off all my other Hobby toys. Fortunately, they had enough value to help the cash flow.

My advice would be to seriously advertise that tank, so close to Christmas maybe someone will see the value and opportunity. Keep in mind you would NOT get the retail you paid. What is good for you is your ARE in Canada so supply/demand goes in your favor.

Best of luck.

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