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I bought a used ph monitor.....

So I bit the bullet and bought a ph monitor. I was just sick of using that dropper. I did my research for a while and wanted a controller not a monitor but I dont have a co2 system and wasnt sure if I would get one. So I was torn between a milwaukee controller or the american marine ph monitor. So I bid on a used monitor for $52 and got it. Of coarse the description said the probe was recently replaced and what not. But when it arrived the probe had no cap on the tip to keep it moist and it is reading about 1.00 ph lower then my tank and tap are. So my question is, obviously it needs to be calibrated, but if it came dry then is the prbe no good now? And if I do buy a new probe should I buy one from hong kong for $18 or US for $35? I just think anything from hong kong is going to be sketchy but everything now a days comes from china.......
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